Josh Roflik


I am very excited for another busy year at Dr. Roy Wilson Learning Centre!

For this school year I will be teaching Grade 8 STEM. This will be my 12th year as a teacher and my 5th at Dr. Roy Wilson Learning Centre!

A major question that I receive from students and parents is around the concept of a STEM course. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is a combination of applying math concepts to the applicability of science, technology, and engineering.

What does that mean for the students at Dr. Roy Wilson? In my STEM classes, we will be
focusing on the real life applicability of our concepts. Students will be trying to achieve an understanding of major driving questions that are designed to reach the higher level thinking skills required of their grade level.

Another question that is frequently asked is in relation to homework. For many years, I have designed the year plans for my classes to allow for completion of assignments to be done within the school day. When there is homework, it is usually due to the focus and work ethic of an individual, resulting in more work to be done outside of school. Students may have tasks to complete that require some attention from home, such as gathering supplies for a project, or taking photographs for a STEM concept we are studying. Parents who would like to access extra support can find many resources online.

During the normality of the school day, students can expect consistent expectations as set out by the WLC Handbook. However, during my STEM classes, students will have a few specific expectations to help guide them. Through my personal philosophy, I encourage students to demonstrate the 3 E’s (Engaged Thinker, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Ethical Citizen) with various elements of respect.

Respect Yourself - As a learner this would look like: being on time and prepared for class, all previous works has been done to their best ability, distractions are kept to a minimum, promoting their best effort and learning in everything they do.

Respect Others - As a learner this would look like: encouraging others to promote their best self, positive participation in a group atmosphere, demonstrating leadership within the school.

Respect your Environment - As a learner this would look like: following the technology guidelines and usage expectations, placing garbage and recycling in the proper locations, being mindful of any equipment or tools being used.

Thank you for finding the time to read through my teacher page! I look forward to working with you throughout the school year! Feel free to contact me at any time!