May 5 - Collecting Toonies for Special Olympics

event Published 2022-04-25T17:58:34.000Z

We will be collecting Toonie's at your child's school on Thursday, May 5

We are helping to raise funds for the Special Olympics that will take place in Medicine Hat in 2026. Students who are able can bring a Toonie to their first class of the day and it will be collected by their teacher. We are committed to running this event annually in 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025. For those are not unable to bring a Toonie, but would like to help out there will be lots of volunteer opportunities opening as the committee starts to organize closer to 2026. Thank you to everyone who supports the Special Olympics.

Medicine Hat is hosting the Special Olympics in 2026 and the games can only come to fruition if we are able to reach important financial targets. The Games budget is $2.5 million dollars and with the support of all three levels of government, as well as Special Olympics Canada donation, we have approximately $750,000 in funds and gifts left to raise locally. No easy feat! We are very grateful that our community is coming together in a collective effort to meet the target.

The School Toonie Fundraiser will help us to reach our goals and all three local school divisions will participate. From 2022-2026 we will help by hosting the SO Toonie Fundraiser on the first Thursday of May.