Theme Two


The Fur Trade Canoe

Name the Canoe Scavenger Hunt Questions

Name the Canoe Scavenger Hunt Resource

Virtual Hamper

Voyageurs and the Fur Trade

Voyageurs and their Work

Voyageurs (by Parks Canada)

A Brief History

Songs of the Voyageurs

Festival du Voyageur

Metis Voyageurs

The Metis

Detailed Overview



Aboriginal Statistics

Aboriginal Definition

Aboriginal - Definition of Metis


Beadwork 2

Beadwork, again

Beadwork (textiles)

Beadwork (type beadwork in the search)


Capote 2

Capote Virtual Museum

Traditional clothing of the Metis

Metis Clothing


Cariole (type cariole in the search)

Cariole (HBC)

Cariole (Canada's History)

Gabriel Dumont

Gabriel Dumont (Canadian Encyclopedia)


Fiddle 2

Fiddle 3

Fiddle 4

Fiddle 5


Gauntlets (Virtual Museum) 

Gauntlet (Definition 4)

Metis Gauntlet Images (you need to draw facts from the images)

Gallete (bannock)

Metis traditional foods

Gallete 2

Infinity Flag 

Infinity Flag

Jigging 1

Jigging 2

Jigging (Virtual Museum



Log House collection

Log Houses

Log Houses

Louis Riel

Louis Riel (again)


Michif (with extra links)

Metis Crossing

Metis Crossing again




Metis traditional foods

Quillwork (type quillwork in the search)


Red River Carts 1

Red River Carts 2

Red River Cart 3

Sash 1

Sash 2

Sash 3

Sash 4


Trap Line Life


Xavier (Batoche) Letendre


York Boats

York Boat

York Boat (Canadian Encyclopedia)

Alberta History

Alberta Heritage

Alberta Source

Francophone Heritage

How the West was Young

Exploration Glossary

Fur Trade and First Nations

Royal Alberta Museum

Beginnings of the Fur Trade

Fort Whoop-Up National Historic Site

Fort Whoop-Up Slide Show

Fort Whoop-Up Archaeology

Rendezvous Artifacts

Light and Shadows

Light and Shadows

How we see

What is light?

Bitesized - What is light?

Light Science for Kids

Fun House Mirrors

Coloured Shadows

Playing with Shadows

Stellar Spectra

Where is the player?

Shadow Art for Kids

10 Optical Illusions

Sun Safe 1

Sun Safe 2

Sun Safe 3a and Sun Safe 3b


A for About Franco-Alberta

B for Brief Facts

C1 for Carnaval St. Isidore

C2 for Calgary Franco-Festival 

E for 
Edmonton Chante!

F1 for Flag

F2 for Fete franco-albertaine

G for Garneau, Laurent

H1 for History - Alberta's Francophone History

H2 for Heritage - Francophone heritage in Alberta

I for 
Infographic: The French Presence in Alberta

J for 
St. Jean Baptise Day

L for 
Legal, Alberta - The French Mural Capital of Canada

M for 
Maple Festival du sucres

N for Northwestern Alberta (Francophone hub)

P for Place Names

R for 
Rendez-vous de la francophonie

S for St. Paul

T for 
Tourism and Culture: Franco-Alberta

V1 for 
St. Vincent

V2 for Voilant - Flying Canoe

W for 
Ways to experience Francophone culture in Alberta

Heart Links

Interactive Circulatory System

Another Interactive Circulatory System

The Human Heart Activities

Project Heart