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Medicine Wheels


Blackfoot Territory

Stone Medicine Wheels

About the Blackfoot

Four Pictures Comparing Blackfoot and Cree (pdf)

The Blackfoot Way of LIfe

The Blackfoot Tipi

Blackfoot Tipi Designs (PDF)

About Tipis (Blackfoot Crossing)

Blackfoot - Use of the Land

Blackfoot - Buffalo Jumps

The Blackfoot (New World Encyclopedia) (including horses)

Blackfoot Nation

Stick Game

Bear Who Stole the Chinook

Kainai Use of Plants

Four Camps: Saamis Activity 2 (photographs comparing Blackfoot and Cree)

Saamis Tipi

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump (by Alberta Culture)

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump (by Alberta Online Encyclopedia)


Blackfoot Crossing

Who is Anthony Henday?

North American First Native News: First Nations and Their Horses

All About Bison (Blackfoot)

Plains People Transportation (including horse)

Plains People and War 

Plains People and the Tipi

Battle of the Belly River

Blackfoot Battle and the Hills of Peace

Battle at Battle River (HUGE: Use Ctrl+F to find your topic)

Canadian Encyclopedia

Canadian Encyclopedia - Blackfoot 

Napi the Trickster

Blackfoot Traditional Stories (Glenbow)

Indigenous Arts and Stories Teachers' Kit

Historica Canada LearningTools

The Canadian Encyclopedia


Kainai Use of Plants

Plant Parts

Plants and Our Environment

Seed Dispersal



The Great Plant Escape

                          The Great Plant Escape - Fruit

                           The Great Plant Escape - All About Seeds

                             The Great Plant Escape - Germination

We Love Plants

Wonderville: Photosynthesis

Meat-Eating Plants

Definition of a Factory

Aloe Vera   Cotton     Jute  Peanut
 Bamboo  Cranberry  Lavender  Rubber Tree  
 Black Pepper  Dandelion  Licorice  Rye
 Cacao  Eucalyptus  Lotus  Seaweed
 Cattail  Fir Trees  Maple Tree  Soy Bean
 Canola  Flax  Marsh Mallow Plant  Sugar Beet
 Cedar  Foxglove  Milkweed  Sugar Cane
 Chamomile  Guava  Mint  Wheat
 Cinnamon  Hemp  Rose  Willow
 Coconut  Juniper  Papyrus  Vanilla


October Sounds Like... (pdf)

What is onomatopoeia?

Some Poems for Kids with Onomatopoeia