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 Alberta's Natural Resources

Alberta's Natural Resource (start here)


Alberta Soil Map

Dig This!

Virtual Farm Tours

Eco-Kids Agriculture

Farming in Alberta

Alberta's Soil Resource

Alberta Cattle Industry Statistics

Growing the Next Generation - Games

1.  The A-Mazing-ing Underground

2.  Survivor Soak

3.  Photosynthesis Information and  Quiz

4.  The Oxygenator

5.  Soiltris


Fossil Fuels (oil, gas, coal):

Alberta's Natural Resource (start here)

Coal Map

Oil Sands Map

Oil and Gas Map

When Coal Was King

Petroleum Play

Leduc Oil Strike

 Coal in Alberta

Oil in Alberta

Oil Sands in Alberta

Natural Gas in Alberta

Crude Oil

Eco-Kids Fossil Fuel Energy

Eco-Kids Fossil Fuels

Drilling for Oil

Alberta Energy Map

The Natural Gas Story

The Oil Sands of Alberta

Oil Sands Discovery Centre

Counting On Gasoline

Petroleum Products (PDF)



Alberta's Natural Resource (start here)

Alberta's Forestry Map

Forestry Links


Alberta's Forests

Eco-Kids Forests

Alberta Forestry Facts


Problems with Reforestation

Reforestation Projects

Stop Deforestation in Its Tracks


Alberta's Natural Resource (start here)

Alberta's River Map

Eco-Kids The Story of Water

Alberta Water Facts

More Alberta Water Facts

Water For Life

Water Treatment Process

Water Games

Wastewater Treatment

Treat it Right! (Wastewater)

Sun and Wind:

Alberta's Natural Resource (start here)

Solar Map of Alberta

Wind Map of Alberta

Wind Energy in Alberta

Solar Energy Society of Alberta

Alberta is Energy

Ten Ways to Use the Sun

Wind Power

Wind Farm Jobs

Liquid Batteries


Fossil Fuels Lost the Race

Solar Alberta

Wind Power in Alberta


Waste and Recycling

It's Not Waste!

Medicine Hat Recycling

Alberta Waste and Recycling

Wonderville: Waste Avengers

Wonderville: Water Treatment

Eeko World

The Return-It Story

WebRangers: Trash Talkin'

Recycle Roundup

Green Tips

Test Your Water Sense

Your Water Quiz

Household Hazardous Wastes

How to Compost

Vermi the Worm

Can It!

 Yellow Fish Road

 The Water Family

Electronic Recycling Association

Electronic Recycling

What it becomes (after recycling)

Recycling Council of Alberta

 Water Quest

 Get to Know H2O!

Kids Water Wise

Water Wise Facts

Water Conservation Around the House

Medication Disposal

How to dispose of hazadous waste

Alberta Paint Recycling

Paint Recycling

Tox Town

Cell Phones

The Rubbish Game

ABCRC (Bottle Recycling)

Wastewater - Treat it Right!

How is it made?

5 Uses for Wood Chips

Human Footprint Calculator

Going Green Quiz

Food Chain Game



Waste - Disposal Options (pros and cons)

Reuse, Recycle, Incineration, Landfill, Composting

Landfill (Sanitary Landfill), Recycle, Incineration


Reuse and Recycle


Composting 2


Waste - Packaging

Packaging Basics

Packaging Advantages and Disadvantages

Plastic Packaging Advantages and Disadvantages


Waste - Other

Recycled Art

My Garbology

50 Ways to Upcycle Everything

Junk to Treasure

Solar Light Quick Fix

Great Uses for Old CDs

15 Upcycled Planters

Toys from Trash

Environmental Education

50 Things You Can Do

EcoKids Home


Kids for Saving the Earth

Kids Planet

Climate Change

Earth Day Origins

Children Of The Earth United

Flying Wild

Earth Matters

9 Apps for Environmental Science

Best Resources fo World Biodiversity Day

Earth Day Infographic

Planetary (Films for Action)

29 Nature Documentaries for Kids

Human Population Growth (Ted Talks)

Loss of Biodiversity

50 Amazing Facts About Earth (infographic)

Global Carbon Footprint

Paper or Plastic

Mind Your Waste (infographic)


Games to Save the World

World Without Oil

Garbage Dreams


Natural Resource Videos

Carbon Cycle: Carbon, Bananas, Coal and You (2:24)

What is the connection between fossil fuels and climate? (2:48)

Why aren't we only using solar? (4:48)

How are kites and airplanes being used in this video? (5:22)

Where we get our fresh water? (3:46)

What are some questions we need to ask about fresh water? (3:39)

How are humans trying to keep forest healthy? (6:47) (Caution=You-Tube)

Where do we get coal from? (1:51) (Caution=You-Tube)

What would happen if/when we run out of oil?l (4:47)

300 Years of Fossil Fuels (5:38)

How does this man think we will not run out of oil? (6:52)

How will cities need to change for future growth? (4:08)

5 Human Activities You Can See From Space (video)

How Global Warming Works (video)

The Lorax

The Lorax Project