Classroom Links

New Mrs. Harrison Math Link Page

Talk Typer
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Superhero Livebinder

Create Your Own Superhero Character

Create Your Own Superhero Comic

French Sites

Online Stop Watch

Against Bullying

Zoe and Molly Online

Kids Help Phone

What is Bullying?

Kids Central

Kids Against Bullying

The Empowerment Tools from Confessions of a Bully




Digital Dialects


Students Get Connected

Bonjour les amis! (comic strip)


Practicing Music Notes  (Click NOTE NAME)




Class Project Sites

Online Reference Centre

Learn Alberta

Smart Notebook Express

Make Believe Comix



Accountability Pillar Survey

Tell Them From Me

Zoe and Molly Comic -

How to do the Cup Song

How to do Speed Stacking

Typing Games:

Keyboarding Rocks

The Typing Cat

Typing Club


Typing Games/Practice

Dance Mat Typing

Typing - Home Row


Read Write Think

Book Cover

Shape Poems

Riddle Poems

Cross-Word Puzzles

Character Trading Cards

Biography Cube

Acrostic Poems

Letter Generator

Royalty Free Images You Can Use

(but should still give credit)

The Commons

NASA Visible Earth

Open Photo

Public Domain Photos


Great Science Sites


One Ocean

Mad Libs for Kids

Art Sites

 Charlie Russell

Tom Thompson

The Art Institute of Chicago

Louvre (Paris)

Net Hangman

 Symmetry Artist

Make a Snowflake

How to Build a Paper Snowflake


Snowflake Physics

 Free Rice


Roller Coasters

Design a Roller Coaster 1

Design a Roller Coaster 2

Design a Roller Coaster 3

Design a Roller Coaster 4

Design a Roller Coaster 5