Dalyce Harrison

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I am so excited to be starting another year Dr. Wilson Learning Centre. I have been teaching grade four since 2005 and 2019 will be my first year teaching a combined 4/5 class. I love searching for ways to integrated and validate the subjects we are exploring. Being a teacher allows me to continually learn. Some of my special interests include the natural environment, physical geography, Blackfoot culture, and art. Here is an overview of our grade four/five year plan:

September: Grade 4 will explore super heroes, Lego, Pokemon, and Star Wars as a way to create community, to establish classroom routines, and to explore much of the health curriculum in an engaging and fun manner. Grade 5 will explore heroes, Terry Fox, and the journey to fitting in.  Mathematics for both grades will include number sense and vocabulary.

Theme One: Grade four will explore Alberta before European contact, plant growth, addition, and subtraction.  Grade five will explore Indigenous Canadian culture, wetlands, and pre-algebra.

Theme Two: Grade four will explore Alberta during the fur trade, Metis people, light and shadows, multiplication, and division.  Grade five will explore Canada's immigration history, chemistry, multiplication, and division.

Theme Three: Grade four will explore Alberta during early settlement, simple machines, fractions, decimals, area, and perimeter.  Grade five will explore Confederation, key events following Confederation, electricity and magnetism, fractions, decimals, and volume.

Theme Four: Grade four will explore Alberta now and in the future, waste and recycling, natural resources, parks and protected areas, and math review.  Grade five will explore Canada's natural geography, weather science, and math review.

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